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Kimmana Nichols

My Story and why I can help you!

From birth I have been blessed with parents and grandparents that have been influential in the international scene of personal growth and healing. They have been a true inspiration for me and have continually nurtured my growth as a health professional. Despite their knowledge and guidance my childhood was repeatedly plagued with digestive problems and illness. By the time of finishing high school I had many allergies and felt as though with each year that passed, another allergy would arise. I was clear and focused on my life path of guiding people to health but knew that in order to be a successful health professional, I must first conquer my own illness. Only then could I become the inspiring leader that is worthy of listening to, because it’s only worth following someone to a destination if they have successfully been there before.

Certain that Health and Healing is my path

With a clear destination of health I left home and began my study of naturopathy. To my surprise during the first years of naturopathy my allergies and digestion became worse and I now had to deal with intermittent arthritis in my hands and persistent pain that radiated from my lower back and thighs. For years I studied naturopathy and worked with many different practitioners, continually looking for relief and a cure for my constant pain that haunted both my day to day happiness and life profession.

Disease grips my life

During my third year of study I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disorder that creates pain in the muscle fibres and excessive fatigue. The diagnosis only made matters worse as I then plummeted into research on this daunting condition that seemed as though it would jeopardise all of where I thought my life was going.  I felt totally disheartened and split in two as I waged war with part of my own being.

Listening to my body

Not long after my diagnosis I was truly blessed to meet the man that would shift my life and show me the true power of natural healing. After my first session with David I had instant relief from my pain and huge improvements in my digestion! Among the many things I learnt from him in the successive years of mentoring, the most important was how to listen and communicate with my body. He showed me that disease was not something to be battled with, and was our body’s attempt at communicating its imbalanced environment. With the right techniques we can tune into this communication and make our life choices based on what our body really needs.

Complete Healing Came From Many Angles

With the new inspiration and my life vision now within arm’s reach, I developed a passion for holistic systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine that knew the wisdom of listening to the body’s silent message. These traditional systems understand the complexity of life and how to discover each person’s unique path to health. It was through the combination of this traditional wisdom and many practitioners advice that I now have complete relief from the pain and exhaustion that once plagued my life. I now know that there is not one perfect path to health because there are infinite causes and treatments that when integrated together, have given me complete relief from my arthritis and pain.

Health and Success

There is no doubt in my mind that my great success as a practitioner is largely due to my former illness and the experiential knowledge it has given me. If people are taught and committed to listening to their bodies, then health and happiness is assured because there is no one that knows you better than yourself. I now travel the world learning and integrating from the best health practitioners I can find. My skills are highly sought after and I have updated and revised the treatment plans of many health centres around the world, with my current projects at the Sanctuary Health Retreat in Thailand and Alayaverde in Australia.

Here to help you!

A lifetime of health and bodywork study has made me highly skilled at guiding people to health. I truly care about my client’s wellbeing and regularly put hours of unpaid work into designing each individual’s multifaceted treatment plan. If you are looking for a therapist that is willing to persistently educate, empower and guide you on your most efficient path to health then you have come to the right place!

The Kimmana Difference

The reason I have so many believers that continue to get profound results is because I merge the brilliance of modern medicine and technology with the timeless wisdom of traditional systems. This marriage of cutting edge science and time tested wisdom delivers a true holistic healing package with down to earth self healing strategies that get serious results in creating health and vitality.

Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in the wisdom that I have to offer that if at the end of our consultation; you feel that you have not received life changing information that can propel you on your individual path to health and healing, or feel that this information will not improve your life in value dramatically more than the cost of the consult, then I will happy refund all of your money back.

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