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The Three Pillars of Health

The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.” Hippocrates

Many people underestimate the value of health and the happiness it provides until they don’t have it anymore. Health is the crucial element that allows us to enjoy every aspect of life because without it, everything else becomes worthless. What good is money if you cannot enjoy spending it? What good is love if you cannot enjoy its pleasures? It should be clear to everyone that nothing is more important than our health and the most blissful moments of human experience happen when our physical and mental wellbeing are at their full potential.

Life Long Health and Happiness is Obtained with Three Things

So if health is so important in achieving a fulfilling, successful and happy life then we must examine what is needed in order to obtain long lasting health. From years of experience and study into all areas of healing both in the east and west, I have discovered the 3 most important factors of lifelong health.

  1. Self Knowledge: The want, will and know how to be healthy.
  2. Holistic System: Time tested understandings of what your complex mind and body needs.
  3. Great Support System: A person or team willing to guide, educate and empower you with self knowledge and a holistic system that is right for you.

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… In 3 months of working with Kimmana not only did my skin condition clear up 100% and my digestion improve dramatically, my energy also increased to a level higher than I had experienced since the age of 19. What I loved most was the education I got! He fully explained to me, in a way that made sense, why I had these issues and how to not only cure the symptoms but to return my body to its natural state of well being. This is complete balance healing along with the knowledge to stay that way. It’s quite amazing and I am extremely grateful!” Dallas Cyr, Life Coach & Financial Advisor

There is only one good, Knowledge. And one evil, Ignorance.” Socrates

This quote from Socrates stresses the point that the most destructive force in your life is living in ignorance. I have seen it again and again with so many of my clients, they have blindly lived their lives without the knowledge that their daily lifestyle and habits were the exact qualities which were creating their disease. The incredible shift in happiness and health is truly astounding when someone is shown the causes of their disease and where their path to health is. Some may say “ignorance is bliss” but it is only temporary and short-lived, before disease comes knocking on your door. On the other hand, awareness is the key to change which can provide you with a life of health and happiness.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Bridging the gap between the oldest and newest holistic systems

These days the amount of conflicting information that abounds amongst the health industry is more than confusing and can lead to quite a headache when trying to decide what to do and which person to believe. The modern world dissects information into small sections and makes radical claims on the outcome of their observations which usually do not reflect the whole picture if we step back and take all factors into account. On the contrary, ancient holistic systems like Ayurveda have passed the test over thousands of years of continual use while brilliant minds scrutinised every aspect of life and how we can create perfect health. It is by marrying Ayurveda and modern Naturopathic Medicine that I am able to sift through the misinformation of the modern age, track the cause of imbalance and discern the most important healing priorities.

If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton

The greatest reason that humans have become a terrific success across the planet is because of our ability to work in teams. It is this continual support and education, as we share and pass down our evolving wisdom, that can make the most complex of tasks into easy and achievable possibilities. This same principle applies to creating health and treating chronic disease. If your therapist does not have the time, want or know how to teach you why your imbalance has arisen and what you can do to fix it, then how will you evolve or really change your situation?  They say “A problem is never solved by the same level of thought that created it”. You need to seek out a brilliant mind that is not only taking into account the forefront of holistic health but most importantly has a passion to support and guide you through every part of your journey. I have studied and travelled all over the world mentoring with the most brilliant minds that the international health industry has to offer. My purpose was to absorb the most cutting edge health discoveries and combine them with the wisdom of ancient systems to create the most powerful healing system possible. I am now able to put this unified knowledge into unique workable systems that are getting profound results. I believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. All you need is support, empowerment and the knowledge of what to do! My international team and I are personally dedicated to showing you these results-driven discoveries that I have found, and helping you help yourself.

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